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We provide a professional and personal comprehensive letting service, therefore, renting your property through a reputable agent is the first step of residential letting. Using a reputable and regulated agent can safeguard against unforeseen and often costly mistakes and one that is a member of a regulatory body will give further confidence that the property is being managed in a professional way.

Regularly dealing with Landlords and tenants has helped us identify the key concerns you’re likely to have when thinking of letting your property and we have developed our service and products to meet those needs.

Our service can be tailored to meet your requirements, whatever they may be and we will take the time to look after your property and your needs as an individual.


We offer three main services:


All our services will have the same administrative package.

  • A no obligation visit to your property to take details and assess and agree a rental value.
  • Prepare a detailed report and advertise on our own website, local papers and Rightmove Property website.
  • Accompany prospective tenants to the property
  • Obtain professional references through a referencing agency and on the production of a satisfactory reference report will agree a move in date and prepare the required documentation.
  • When all monies due (Rent and Delapidations Deposit)  the Assured Shorthold Agreement is signed  by the tenant/s and checked into the property.
  • All utility services will be notified of the change of occupant
  • Delapidation Deposits will be sent via BACS to The Deposit Protection Service (Custodial).

Full Management:
For total peace of mind and to relieve the pressure the full management package is ideal. Administrative package plus attending to all maintenance , collection of rent, and regular property inspections, therefore, relieving you of the day to day running and management of the property. We will agree with you before letting your property a sum up to which we can authorise routine repairs on your behalf. This will allow us to deal with matters of emergency or routine maintenance. Any larger instances will be referred to you complete with estimates of costs involve.


Rent Collection:
We respect that you may have your own maintenance contacts and wish to look after this area yourself but not want the responsibility of collecting the rent.

We offer this service and will collect the rent due, in advance, on a monthly basis.


Tenant Find Only:
If you are the kind of landlord who wants to look after the day to day running of your property, then this is the ideal service.

The service includes the administrative package, collecting the initial rental payment and deposit.


Inventory and Schedule of Condition: Check In & Check Out
Under the Housing Act 2004 the Government introduced Tenancy Deposit protection and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

All Deposits taken either by and Agent on behalf of or by the Landlord must be held in A Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Therefore, a properly constructed inventory and ‘check-in’ and ‘check-out’ procedure will always improve clarity and reduce disputes as both parties to the contract have a clear starting position.

Therefore, due to the recent change in legislation regarding security deposits it is considered very difficult to claim deductions from the tenant’s deposit for damages and dilapidations without an independent detailed inventory.
It is therefore, extremely important, that you provide a detailed Inventory & Schedule of Condition prior to the tenant moving into the property.

The key to avoiding disputes with tenants and landlords is the provision of detailed inventories and good check in and check out procedures.

- oOo -

Acting on the instructions of the landlord we can provide a detailed inventory and schedule of condition. The Fees for this are dependant on size of property and whether furnished or unfurnished and will also include the Check In Report.

Should you choose to supply your own inventory there will be a separate fee for check in & out.


Rent Guarantee and Legal Protection Insurance:
We can arrange for Rent Guarantee and Legal Protection Insurance through a specialised Insurance Company. This will give you peace of mind that should your tenant, through unforeseen circumstances, be unable to honour the rental payments a proportion of the outstanding rent will be reimbursed subject to conditions.


Energy Performance Certificates:
In accordance with Government Legislation all properties being advertised for RENT from 1st October 2008 will require an Energy Performance Certificate prior to the property being marketed.

We can arrange this for you through a qualified assessor.

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